Design desicions for a subwoofer amplifier

Hi there,

I'm about to build an amplifier to drive a subwoofer. I plan to use two 10" elements in the box, but I'm not sure on what to do with the amp.

Well, I think I need following blocks in my solution:

* Power supply
* Low pass filter
* Some kind of protection
* Amplifier
* Some kind of volume control

The important working range for the amp is about 10Hz-300Hz (at least as I can se it).

My question is:

* Should I put the filter before, or after the amp?
* What design desicions should I make for the amp, since I don't care too much for frequencies above 300Hz.

I'm fairly new to this, so any response is appreciated.

Have a good one!
Hello Magnus.

I think you should put the filter before the amp, no doubt.
It's more flexible and probably cheaper to.
Since the amp is only being used up to 300 Hz you might consider an Class B design.

at in the project section you find both amplifiers and crossovers.
I've built the crossover (project 9) but only lowpass for use with my subwoofers and it works fine.

Good luck!