design dc-dc converter


I need to design a step down dc-dc converter which dc input range is between 160vdc or 320vdc. The output should get 48Vdc, 12.5mA. Please share with me if you have any block diagram and pls give me some idea how to design.

I am looking forward a reply from you soon.

Thanks and Rgds,
Thanks back can get output power upto 200W and buck converter even less than that. I need to get output power is 600W so I am thinking of using half-bridge converter.

Anyone who got block diagram to share for dc-dc step down converter which input is 160V and output is 48V,12.5A and 600W?



2005-07-06 1:13 am
North East
Sure. Pass stuff is cool but I'm not waiting to see an Audio Application of SMPs from him...
12A? Ohhhhh. Some simple little chip like an ON Semi 1050 Series or Tiny Switch would do 12mA but, 12A is a little different...
luka is right. Do a search. there should be an abundance of info to get you on your way. You might look out in the rest of the web for TelCom stuff too :D