Denon 3808CI troubleshooting help needed

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Brief history, then my troubleshooting steps so far:

Denon 3808 with update package. Ran fine using HDMI4 input from HTPC and HDMI output to Pioneer Plasma TV. 6.1 Paradigm surround sound system. Wii using component in, output to same TV over HDMI.

Then one day it stopped working. I turned off the AVR using the small power button and waited a real minute (full seconds, which seems to take forever). Turned it back on and it worked again...for 5 minutes. Then no longer works. No audio or video output from HDMI. Front panel display works fine, responds to both remote and web based commands.

I then checked for a firmware update and found one. The bass had a 3 second update and the SPLD had a 23 minute update. The SPLD stays at 0% and fails...repeatedly.
I did both the standard microprocessor reset and the UP-DOWN reset. No change.

I tried all 4 HDMI inputs, nothing. No sound to speakers and no video to TV.

I then went onto do more tests. For all tests I used a VCR. I figured if I used the lowest resolution possible I would be able to test more inputs and outputs. I used the three standard VCR composite inputs. To ensure everything other than the 3808 worked, I hooked the VCR directly to the TV and got audio and video.

- The only way to get sound out to the speakers is if I input it via the Phono connection. All other connections did not send sound to the speakers even when the volume was turned to -6...which would be insanely loud.
- HDMI out: No audio or video
- Component out: No audio or video
- Svideo out: No video
- Composite out: Audio out to TV worked, video is where it gets odd
-- Composite Monitor out: No video
-- Composite VCR out: Video worked
-- Composite DVR out: Video worked

As a note, I did both a microprocessor reset and a firmware update reset (the up and down buttons) prior to the testing, so everything is at factory default. Also, I still have the SPLD firmware update failure when doing a firmware update.

Thanks for any input from you guys. And again, if anyone actually has access to the repair manuals for this thing, PM me.

I have just obtained a service manual, but I am not an electronics tech. I used to be an electrician in a former life...but that is not close enough. I have torn the unit apart - but in such a way as to easily (as easy as a Denon unit can be!) but it back together again. I see no obvious problems. No broken wires, burned boards, leaky capacitors, blown fuses, etc.

So...any ideas from you all? I can post the service manual (pdf format) if that would help.
Denon AVR 3808 issues

I'm having similar problems - no video or audio but do gear FM radio (wow!). I have some experience fixing electronic devices (am an EE from way back). Any chance u can email the maintenance manual and I'll give it a shot on my end. I will of course share my findings. Thanks in advance.
Update so far... It appears that my digital circuits are not working. So analog audio and video signals are processed but anything HDMI, optical, Ethernet, Dolby Digital, DSP etc are non operational.

Does anyone know how to reload software/firmware factory defaults WITHOUT an ethernet connection.

What would something like that costs to repair? I've had the Denon 3808ci for over a year and now im having the same problem except after I installed a new LG 47LE5400 tv last night. Before I had a plasma but it was going out.

I've tried every HDMI port, Analog ports, and Component ports and get nothing. Only thing I haven't tried is the S-Video.

I spoke to Denon's Customer service and they had me verify that the PS3 that is plugged into DVD (HDMI 1) was in and test it. Well, didn't work so he had me try the HDP port and that didn't work either. Step 2: The tech asked me to unplug the HDMI cable in the Monitor out port and put it directly into the PS3 to bypass the receiver. Now I have video and audio, but still doesn't help my issue. I did the samething with my cable box also and it worked out the same way. After those simple tests the tech tells me the receiver needs to be sent in to be serviced. I'm no Bill Gates with a pocket full of money but this is ridiculous cause it was working just a few hours before with my old plasma.
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