Decent Receiver With 3 Speaker Outs?

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Hey Everyone,
I have two different porches with a pair Klipsch KHO 7's on each.
I also have a pair of old L100 Century's in our living room.
I am currently using a Marantz 2250B for the L100's and my tt and a Sony receiver from the early 90's to run the Klipsch speakers on my porches with a cd player. Everything sounds great but I would like to be able to run everything at the same time with correct ohm levels with great sound.

Is there a stereo receiver that has 3 dedicated speaker outs that someone could recommend? Not a surround type thing but just 3 stereo speaker outs. I have been looking at the Yamaha CR 1020...but didn't know if there were more options. I really don't want to get into a speaker selector type thing.
Just a thought ... instead of using one amp with 3 speaker outs, why not use 3 amps, one for each setup.

For your porch systems a simple Class D mini-amp with bluetooth would suffice and you could pair it with a phone or personal assistant to have full control over what plays and the volume... Something Like This

Cheaper... more flexible and pretty good sounding too...
Yeah, that could work...I guess I'm trying to keep it simple...with one receiver unit that has a nice phono stage already in there and that will power all three sets of speakers at different times. We like our records. Thanks for the suggestion. I have a Marshall Stanmore that works with bluetooth and it sounds amazing. That unit is up at our cabin. I have to say that this Akai receiver that Starbender recommended looks pretty darn sweet. The reviews are incredible on Hifi Engine. Just getting into all of this. Thanks Again.
So the main inconvenience right now is that you don't have vinyl playback outside, and no CD inside? Then I would consider using the tape/rec outs and good quality RCA cables as long as needed running to a spare high-level input. The old Marantz should even pass a high-level signal when turned off, which might prove useful in conjunction with an external phonopre (which would be a fair bit less power hungry).

Pity you didn't want a home theater receiver, as running multiple pairs of stereo speakers is a semi-common feature on these (as the higher-end models have more power amps than a fair few people know what to do with).

BTW, looks like the old L100s would rather appreciate a crossover upgrade and other tweaks. The original XO is quite frankly rather bad by modern standards, the drivers deserve better.
Yes, I plan on upgrading the crossover within the next few weeks. Thanks for that link. I will say, though. They sound great for the family just having fun. The bottom/bottom can get a tad bit flabby but for the most part they handle transients well and the bottom/bottom is tight enough. Would rather have a little flab than not enough. Those LE-25's (don't chop my head off here) sound so freaking good on the top end. My favorite tweeter.

I understand that there are better speakers out there but we like the old JBL's.
Basically what happens is the living room area is always on and then which ever porch we are using for that night is on. I realize this isn't a third world problem...I just figured there was a good receiver made in Japan in the late 70's that might have 3 speaker outs and there have been some great recommendations. I set up some searches on Ebay for the receivers already recommended. Can't thank you all enough for the suggestions and help.
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