Debating adding a second sub...


2014-06-04 1:50 pm
Ive added a rel t5 recently to my ystem and the improvement is mindblowing. Where I used to have dips and peaks of almost 8db is now totally gone. I now have flat response from 35hz to 70hz where I had sa serious 55hz problem.

Im very happy with the results in my room, what is your experience going with a second sub?
jplesset has done it right and must sound great.

I've done some experimenting moving a single sub around. I think enthusiasts are getting results a whole lot poorer than they imagine with a single sub or with two subs whose location is constrained when mechanically-twinned to their midranges. So location matters a lot.

Like many statistical matters, the more the better but with diminishing returns. So number of subs matters a lot... and two carefully located speakers isn't a bad number.

On the other hand, your room with have certain modes that hang around whatever the sub arrangements.

No doubt it pains the hearts of the many wannabe engineers here, but I'd say aim for heterogeneity in all aspects. That's how to win when fighting statistically.

This is kind of a flavour-of-the-month topic; many highfalutin solutions have been published.