DCX2496 no power up?

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Hello all

As the thread says "DCX2496 no power up?"

It failed last week in the early morning hours with all-input/output channels with popping pulse and I sooner reached over to power it OFF.

The A channel for months has been flickering on and off for 40 or 50 seconds until the LCD display let up correctly.

I read about this evening and some clams says its the (power supply) is there any truth to this and would buying a new (DIY power supply) solve the problem once its screwed in and connected back up?

At present I'm using a (THX crossover 3417 monitor) to cross-off the LCR front JBL speakers with no snags for 26 year old crossover. But I'd like to get my Behringer DCX2496 back up and running as its so flexible with what it can do.

Cheers :)
Be very careful with the DCX PSU caps. Some of the caps have rectified mains voltage across them and they have exposed live metal surfaces. The application of a little insulating tape can save a lot of pain!

I have noticed with nearly a lot of audio electronics some are just so ridiculously HOT, you'd think these Japanese guys would have found a way to make them cooler today. :)

The PSU can be fully removed from the item its just mains in lead that can be unplugged and the transformed converted power to the rest of the unit that can be uncoupled, but lots of capacitors on the tiny (PSU) power supply unit. What ones would need changing out with better ones as Behrinher must be fully aware of some field report feedback's of failures by now.

Open her up. Check for power and voltage out of PS. Gently pull out firmware chip and re-seat in socket.

Maybe a bad flash years ago?

Can you show what chip needs to be unplugged with picture as there many inside.

I changed the psu caps and now dcx2496 is alive and well (so am i). Thanks everybody.

Do you have pictures of your DCX 2496 that shows what you specifically changed.
Back in September 2017 last year got two replacement PSU for DCX and used the other spare to get the FBQ2496 powered back up again.


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