DCX2496 mod for Digital OUT x 3


2004-06-18 3:03 am
Hi all
I made SPDIF transmitter board for DCX2496.
It is easy and you can get 3Way digital X-over device at very cheep price.

(1) The signal you need
from AK4393, get these signal with very slender cable, solder with microscope or something.
Pin 3:MCLK?APin 5:BICK?APin 7:LRCK
These signals are common for all AK4393.

Pin 6:SDATA , on the side of AK4393, you can find 10ohm R,
you can get 3 SDATAs from this register's solder easily.

(2)CS8404 configure
PRO=Low, TRNP=Low, M2M1M0=100, I2S mode.
Pullup RST with 10kohm.

(3)CS8404 connection
[email protected]>MCK, BICK->SCK, LRCK->FSYNC, SDATA->SDATA

(4)SPDIF output is done by TOTX173

(5)5V power is made by 7505, on each CS8404, 9V is supplied from Pin 1 of 7805 on the main PCB. GND is supplied from Capaciter's solder. (maybe direct from power module is better)

Then now you can get 3 SPDIF signal, for DCX2496's ch12, 34, 56.
Do not forget to make DCX2496's configuration to [email protected]

Now I'm using this for connection to 3 units Panasonic SA-XR50(maybe same as SA-XR45 or so).



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Must have been in moderation. Especially confusing with the new click-to-see model.

I really like the super-thin adaptors...that has to be good from a parastic inductance perspective. I've never seen these sold before...

Tanto, have you done this kind of thing before with solid-core wire? I have experienced reliability problems in the past, the wire is too stiff and tends to pull off the SMD pads at some indeterminate point in the future. Frustrating. I use small-gauge stranded now.


2004-06-18 3:03 am
no schematic

opa said:
Hello Tanto.

Nice job !
You have the schematic of the DCX ?
I need them (the analog board), to replace the op amp for some OPA2604.....

I'm sorry, I don't have it.
I think I saw another thread about analog mod for DCX2496...

for other question

(1) very thin SOP adapter
is sold by http://www.sunhayato.co.jp/ , it's all Japanese

(2) Why don't mod for XR50? with equibit's 3 digital in?
May be I will want to use another full-digital amplifier,
so 3x SPDIF is more generic way.
and I think now I have 3 time more strong power unit than 1 unit

(4) construction
take care to make the board thin and small, or you can't store it inside of DCX2496.

(5) source?
now I'm using SRC2496, for analog input, PC's opt input, CDPlayer RCA input.


2004-06-18 3:03 am
I2S straight into the amp

Hi dwk123,

I read your article at Amplifiers > Solid State > Digital amp revolution here .

You can get I2S signals directly from DCX2496 as I wrote #1.
maybe it needs some RS232C transmitter & receiver to send 6 signals to XR25 or XR45 (SCK, BCK, LRCK, SDATA1,2,3)

and you can get single 3-way x-over digital amplifier, completely synchronized with DCX2496.
please refer to TI's datasheets for pin-assignment of TAS chips.

Hi Tanto;

Very impress with you project. How is the sound of 'pure' digital from the Panny amp?

I hope to start a similar project as what you have done so far, might I know beside to what have been described, what are the other issue and precautions one should be considered and caution for?

Can you post the rear view of your DCX2496 with the board in it?
You only need a small tip. I prefer something like this:

The long thin conical tips seem to lose heat and the nickel coating too quickly, these work much better in my opinion.

Also, I like to use stranded small gauge wire for this kind of work. I have seen a lot of failures after 6-12 months from magnet wire putting stress on the joint. YMMV, it depends how much vibration/shock the unit is subject to.