DCM Time Window Clones and BES


2005-08-07 7:51 pm
Just found the forum, and have been scouring the net to find some info on the time windows. Right now I have a set of DIY MTM folded voigt horns they sound great, BUT you know how it is. I want to play around with something new. Anyway I heard the DCM’s years ago and was very impressed. I know they are TL’s with a round back angled front and are 4driver 2way but that’s it. Anyone wish to share some info, Like Width, Height, And Of course porting that the one I’d really like to know. Someone out there had to gut some theese at one time. On the BES I had a set about 15 Years ago and was telling some buddies about them, Can’t find anything on the net I.E pics and such How about you guys any pics?
TIA Craig
I still have a pair of Time Windows, SN 1005 and 1006.
I can do any non-destructive tests or measurements you need.

I don't know if I would build a pair today, but they were interesting.

The back of the speaker is a concrete form used in street curbs in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The speaker is a TL with a "lump sum" base reflex termination, according to the designer.

The drivers, especially the tweeter, are not up to modern standards.



2007-11-29 9:01 am
Time Window Speakers

Hi Doug!
Do you still have your DCM´s?

I have a pair of DCM Time Window 1 (serial 26102 & 26103) I bought in New York about 1980, and I need all the information you can give me about the crossovers and the woofers.

Can you help me, please?

Thanks a lot!!