DC Noise and LM 4562

Hello Wonderful people.

I would be very grateful for thoughts on this. I've built one of the level adjust circuits from Doug self's book. I'm getting, I've got a +/-17vDC supply but am getting - or + 17vDC on pin 1 the buffer output. Here's my schematic

Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 10.01.54.png

I really thought I'd finally nailed this, after endless oscillation problems. Having read a bit I think it is going to be a input offset voltage problem? Leading to saturation at one of the rails? Which I believe is a problem of the feedback network and bias current? Apolgies if I'm making a mess of this.

Self uses the NE 5532, wonder if I'm using the wrong op amp (had several LM4562's lying around)

I don't get that same output vDC at pin 7

Peace and Love

Thanks both. Was advised by someone to put 100pF caps in the loop to reduce oscillations. Can it contribute to the DC problem though?

Self states that C5 is there to stop DC arriving on the trim pot.

Would adding a resistor in U1A feedback loop and then one to ground help? I could make it a v low gain amp rather than a buffer, could then tinker with gain of U1B to compensate?