Dazed and Confused about Transformers

Ok guys, a little background before I pose my question. I purchased and received the chipamp.com LM3886 stereo kit (single snubber), and all I need now is a transformer. I would prefer a toroid, but I understand that any old transformer that provides the proper current would "do the job." I've done a few DIY projects before, so I have a basic understanding of EE, just no formal education on theory, etc. From what I've gathered (over days and days of lurking) is that I need a transformer with dual secondaries (needed for a single power supply? Didn't make sense to me) at 24-0-24 (my choice, acceptable range of 18v-30v), and a power output of 160-300VA. I think. I'm so confused at this point, that my brain hurts. I also cannot find ANY vendors in my area (Phoenix, AZ), and the few places I've seen online want either custom orders.

SO. If at all possible, just to make my life simple so I can get this amp up and running as quickly as possible (I like to tinker, doesn't need to be crazy on the first run), can I get any suggestions on transformers? Ideally, a single link to a site where I can hand over my hard earned money with the assurance that this thing will WORK instead of screwing the order up myself. Do I even have the specs right? Ow... brain hurty... Thanks to anyone that can help, I've been pulling hair out over the last few days.
two plug solution

Charity resale shops are full of surplus HP printer wall transformers producing 30-32VDC at 4A. (Some are switchers, they are lighter and may howl with RF). I'm going to use two of them for my chip amp, total bill $3. They are going in an organ, so the power strip clutter will be hidden in the back. They will stack, the minus of one going to the plus of the next, and semiconductor regulators will be used with capacitance to filter out noise that wouldn't have bothered a printer.
AntekInc is AWESOME, thank you. I'll be ordering the AS-3224 now. it's 24-0-24 at 6A, 300VAC. Quoted from their site:

The 300VA toroidal audio power transformers have static shield between primary and secondary coils to improve the isolation and noise interference. They are specially designed to work on all standard 115V or 230V at 50Hz or 60Hz. These transformers have heavier gauge wires then the normal requirement to avoid the copper lost during the full power output. And they also have the magnetic shield around the outside to reduce the magnetic leakage. The dielectric test is more than 3500V in between primary and secondary coils. In most of the cases, this transformer can be output 20% more power from its rating at 60Hz power source without any problem. This transformer comes with 1 rubber pads and all mounting hardware.