Dayton RSS21 8" Box help.


2007-07-08 2:52 am
Hello there. First post here :D

So I went up to parts express today (They're 10 minutes away) to pick up some Behringer 2031p's.

They had a Dayton RS 8" sub for $25, so I decided to grab it. It was cheap and I couldn't really go wrong.

I'm wondering is some sort of horn sub can be built for it. I was thinking about a possible tapped or folded horn for this driver. I have plenty of experience building cabinets, but I cannot design one for the life of me.

Hope you guys can help me out here. Thanks.


2007-07-08 2:52 am
The parts express retail store has a small section for damaged/returned/open box stuff for low prices.

There usually isn't anything around, but in this case I hit the jack pot. I just ran a few sine waves through it just for fun. The xmax is insane on this little guy. I cannot wait to put it in a cabinet.
This driver wants a really low TH tuning, but doesn't have the Xmax to handle it much below its Fs, so probably not worth the 333+ L size unless you have sufficient room/budget for it, but this one sims as a good trade-off between size, output if the published specs are reasonably accurate, though it's small enough that fitting such a relatively deep driver may prove more trouble than it's worth. Anyway, something to fiddle with to see what might suit you better:



  • Dayton RSS210HF-4 14.15 Hz DTS concept.gif
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