Dayton Reference Subs out at PE

If you are sure that you want a vented enclosure you should use the Dayton high output reference drivers and not the high fidelity. The high fidelity work best in a sealed enclosure and the high output work best in a vented. I don't know which alignment the AV12 works best in and I also don't know anything about the frequency response or distortion figures of these drivers. More would have to be known in order to recommend one over another.
How much were those boxes you bought?
You are going to have fat stacks of low bass! My sub turned out so well, it is just incredible. I think it needs some tuning, There is some boomieness on bass drum kicks, but movie. Forget about it, and some (better) electronic music, has counter melodies, and low rumbles which just make the music. i am very happy!

Thanks for the help
As for the AV12s, they are beefierin construction than all the RS series subs and though they don't handle as much power as the 12HO, they have 23mm linear excursion (I.E. a LOT more than the HO and 9mm more than the HF) and over 2" p-p suspension-limited excursion. They will stay linear to higher drive levels. The RS drivers do apper to have a very nice low Le.
"I've got two of the HF 12" subs on order as well as the 3cu-ft finished boxes from PE. I plan to run them sealed/stereo in my home theater. With my ongoing open-baffle project I just didn't want the hastle of building another speaker box.

We'll see how they sound, should be here mid next week " did they turn out???