Dayton classic 18 project

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I've built a simple 15ft ported enclosure loaded with a Dayton classic 18. Its made out of 23/32 b/c grade pine plywood, slot port tuned to 30hz. braced pretty minimally, but the box doesn't seem resonant. 15ft is the actual airspace. 100hz 2nd order passive crossover.

Anyways my problem is that around 70hz and up at any good amount of power the driver buzzes, it sounds very metallic as if the frame is resonating. I've never seen or heard anything like this before, Ive had chinsy boxes that resonate and i know what that sounds like and this is totally different. It sounds allot like a heat shield vibrating, (as in a car with a loose or damaged heat shield), very metallic.

Is it possible to have a frame that resonates at this low of a frequency? I know my box could use more bracing but the sound really seems to come directly from the driver.

I'll post pics as soon as i have some.
Oh yea, i should have deffinitely mentioned that the spider came unglued the first time i hooked it up to my big amp. I glued it back in place with a 2 part epoxy i get from work (I'm a mechanic), I trust this glue.

but it made the same noise before the thing came unglued anyways, maybe something else is loose and ready to come unglued.
Yea well, its the first dayton product I've purchased... I was a little upset when it went, it sounded like a jack hammer. It seems to play the same after I repaird it though.

what else could create a buzzing in woofer? I'm wondering if maybe the magnet or end plate is loose, maybe something simple like the wire terminals, something must be loose now that i think of it.

I should call dayton and chew someones *** out, see if they can send me a new woofer lol.
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If you can get a hold of a sweep generator (Free online) run the sweep, lock onto the F and manipulate the enclosure to isolate the source. I've found enclosures both old & new that will resonate (Buzz) at a variety of frequencies.
Listening to a low frequency sweep is very the sweep slowly though.
***just saw you isolated it to the driver, try a sweep anyway***
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