D'Appolito impedance


2002-04-05 5:13 am
I'm relatively new speaker design, but I'm preparing to upgrade the speakers in my home theater.

I have a Yamaha HTR 5250 A/V receiver that calls for an impedance of 6 ohms for my center channel if my mains were 4 ohms. I am planning a project to build speakers, but wonder if my amp will be able to handle a center and mains that are all 4 ohms. I've heard of other people pushing 4 ohm speakers with their receivers with no problem- what do you think?

Are there any 6 or 8 ohm D'Appolito designs? Most woofers I've shopped in Madisound and PE are 8 ohm.

Is the tweeter (TM025F1) in the Audax HT kit designed by D'Appolito any good? How does the center channel with the added 5 1/2 blend with the mains? I wondered about too much presence.

That's a lot of questions. I appreciate any help- thanks.