Damping for subwoofer boxes

Hi guys,

I've just finished building my 10" subwoofer box and it works great, cept one little thing, it doesn't sound quite right. I've spoken to a friend about what to do about it, and he said to use damping in the box, now I have audiofoam to use in the box, but I'm not sure whether I fill the box up with as much foam as possible? Or do I expereiment? Or is there a formula for the volume of material required?


Alchemist: Is it vented or sealed? If it is vented, you should only line the walls of the box. I use a dense egg crate style foam for this. As for stuffing, there are several materials to use. Foam isn't really suggested, since it can't be packed evenly inside. Some people use polyester fill, such as that found in pillows because its cheap. Long haired wool is excellent, though expensive. Acousta Stuff is becoming quite popular, and can be ordered from a few different places. You could also try some other damping sheets available from Madisound and PE among other places, but I haven't used them before. As for the volume, there isn't really a fixed amount you should use. Just be aware that the more tightly packed it is, the smaller you are making your internal volume, thereby raising your minimum cutoff point.