Dallas II Cab Trade - PNW

Hi All -

A little over a year ago I built a set of Dallas II cabs - with some ENabled Fostex 206en drivers. (Pictures in next post) - now that we moved to the Pacific Northwest, my wife wants something with a little smaller footprint. Looking into some different options, but I'm willing to trade the Dallas II cabs and the Fostex drivers for the hardware and raw materials to make a set of cabs with a smaller size, was considering Alpair, but I'm open to recommendations/suggestions.

Also willing to take a nice set of smaller high sensitivity speakers in trade. Not married to full range.

I'm using a TU-8600 300b tube amp, which should be powerful enough to drive a reasonably sensitive setup. I've loved my Dallas IIs but I'm trying to play nice with the wife. My loss is your gain.

I'm in Portland.

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