DAC Kits

David's board is complete DAC with I/V stage, output stage,and all regulators. It's really good DAC, I've built it so I can tell.
Jocko board is using the same chips but doesn't include everything. You need your own I/V stage, output stage and maybe more regulators. This board is perfect for installing in an existing player as an upgrade. E-mail Jocko for details.
Broadhurst board is good for building DAC from scratch, because it contains everything you need. However it's not silk-screened.;)
Mine's better. Just ask Hairy Holler.....he listens to one. Of course, he would not admit to either.

Speaking of which......I'm not here to make $$$, contrary to the suggestions of that annoying twit "Ren Hoek", but I do have bills to pay. So.......who might be intersested in the following boards:

1.) Receiver board w/DIR1704, transformer isolated differential input stage.

2.) I/V and buffer board, possibly with differential outputs.

If I get enough interest, I might whip some up. Might even put in some secret topologies if you guys ask nice.