DAC for coax out

I'm a total noob when it comes to digital (analog vinyl tube guy), so please excuse this dumb question. I have a old Philips CDB630 with only digital coax out. I want to purchase a good (but inexpensive) DAC for it. What do people recommend, or is it not worth the effort?
DIY, KIT, something? Buy something (old Audio Alchemy?), eBay, got something unused you want to sell?
Have a look at the Khadas Tone Board c. $100 (Amazon/Digikey), add an amazon/ebay case and an old phone/USB charger to power it and you have a nice little SPDIF RCA Coax DAC, the SPDIF input is actually slightly better than the USB input.

However, Dac sound is fairly subjective (and can sound different even with the same chip i.e. it is the electronics around the chip rather than the chip that makes a difference) as to what is best, it will probably be different but may not be better depending on your ears. For info I find the Khadas (I have 4 in my DSP box) to be pretty neutral sounding and quite detailed.
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