D41C/D41K “substitutes”


2007-10-10 5:21 pm
If you were going to “make” one of these out of 2 transistors, which types would you use? I was thinking A733 driving an A1507, soldered base to emitter, and collector to collector, and cases epoxied together. Wondering if there are better choices. It is to repair a vintage stereo, where the original is a house numbered PNP darlington in a TO-92. One is dead and the transistor in the working channel runs blistering hot. I’m afraid if I Put in an MPSA63 we’ll be right back where we started, and the D41C would be the logical choice. I’ve built near identical circuits using a D40K driver and they work well, but some idiot designer turned the amp upside down requiring a PNP driver stage. Can’t use anything with the built in base-emitter resistors. Tried it already, and the bias current is too low to be useful.