Cyrus 3 Buzzing fault - help please


2010-12-26 10:24 am
Hi guys,

I am the proud owner of a Cyrus 3 amplifier which I have paired up with Mission 751 speakers.

A buzz developed about a year ago which has now for all intents and purposes rendered the system unusable. I have been very busy at work but now with the Christmas break want to try to sort this out as it sounded great before the fault.

I am looking for advice please. I am not an expert and recognise that I may need to pay to get this fixed. However, if there any tests I can do to try to narrow down the cause of the buzz or easy fixes (for example, checking for excess dust on the inside), I would be very grateful to hear them.

To give you more detail about the buzz: when I turn on the amp, the buzz is very load - so much so, that one can barely hear the actual music (which is still playing). Over time, the buzz subsides, and after several hours the situation may have reveresed so that the music can be heard with the buzz in the background. The buzz never completly goes away though.

Any advice would be really really appreciated. If there is any other info that I could give you to help figure out what is going on, please ask.

Many thanks