Custom Speaker Grille


2007-09-08 1:43 pm
Just wondering if anyone has any experience of making custom speaker grilles (and no I don't mean securing speaker cloth)

I'm planning on making one out of 6mm MDF sheet which will be cut using a router to cut a number of approximately 10mm quarter circumference slits. Between each slit there will be approximately 6mm of MDF. Each ring will be held to the next by four beams which will not be cut through. The grille will be secured by four screws at the end of each beam.

Here's a rough picture done in paint:


Note: The black is what you can see of the woofer through the grille. The darker brown square is the actual speaker enclosure. The light brown is the grille.

Just wondering what you think of this design and how I would go about painting it once finishes - the sides of each slit will be hard to apply paint in.


2005-08-17 11:05 pm
I'd be shocked if it survives the routing process, that thing is going to be fragile.

If I were you and I had resolved myself to building a structural grill like that, I would go down to an outdoors type store and get a round barbecue grill and cut it down to size.

Just a thought.