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Custom Peter Moncrief Stealth Caps Audio Research Custom

I found another box of these custom made Peter Moncrief Stealth Caps that were made for Audio Research Corp.

I have
10UF $20ea
4UF $15ea
2UF $10ea

plus shipping. happy to ship worldwide


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these were designed as output coupling caps in tube gear. im sure they would work fine in a speaker crossover. but have never tried it
It's possible that the caps were designed for small signal circuitry (use in tube preamps) and may not have been designed to handle the heavier currents encountered in speaker crossovers. It would be good to check that the ESR of the caps is sufficiently low for crossover service.
ZeroCool hasn't been seen around for a week so maybe I post it here to speed things up and find a solution.
I received from him one 4uF/250v instead of 2uf/450V. Since those caps have no markings and are almost the same size it's relatively easy to make a mistake. I need that cap urgently so if you received caps from him there is a possibility that instead of 4uF you received 2uF . I would also be interested in making a swap one for one . US only (or CA) L
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