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Custom Enclosures

Your offer is very generous but risky for anyone to take you up on, because you are under the age of 18. Any agreement with a minor is not a legal contract. This would make for a sticky situation in case of a disagreement, if money is involved. I am in no way suggesting that you are dishonest, and I am sure you are a fine young man. I am simply suggesting services in exchange for money, when someone under 18 is involved, has a high risk attached. If it is just free advice you are offering to first time speaker builders, especially from someone who has built one of the most beautiful speaker clones I have ever seen, I commend you.
Really, how old is he?

FYI, depending on how long it takes to make one of these, a contract with a minor is voidable at the option of the minor. However, the contract can be Affirmed by the minor after the minor reaches the age of maturity, in which case the contract is now binding. So if you don't pay till then you would be ok. Heck, pay after you get it and it should not be a problem anyway.

poor guy is just trying to help people out. look what we are doing to him.
kilowattski said:
I believe he is 14. In New York State a contract with a minor is no contract at all. I am not saying you shouldn't make an agreement with him. All I am saying is that you do so at a risk.

I think technically its is a contract, just voidable at the option of the minor. Meaning full force and effect to the other party. There may be some exception for unique services of which this might qualify.

OK, thats it, end of free legal advice.