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2002-01-07 7:20 pm
Newton Falls, Ohio
bookshelf pair for a friend

Simple little P17WJ/D27TG45 pair. Cabinets are 1/2" oak ply over 3/4" mdf, with solid 3/4" round- over oak corners and poplar inlays. Wish I had gone with the aluminum dome tweeter instead, but I have already started.
Next speaker project: a pair (per side) of ScanSpeak 8" woofers to augment my MTM's and eventually be used as the bottom for a B-G planar array system.
I'm building a three way using Seas drivers: 25TAC/D, P17REX, P21REX. They look a lot like WATT/Puppys but the fronts of the base modules are slanted. I'm just building the Mid/Tweet section now, and hopefully will finish in the next couple weeks. Heres the last pic I took of them, I still have to cut the driver holes.

The crossovers where designed by Tony Gee(Thank you!!!!) and I have yet to build them. That will be next weeks fun!


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