CSR8645 Mono setting

Hello everyone!

I'm working on a BT Speaker in a shape of a Pokeball. I'm done with the design and already started the 3D Print. Now I am close to finish the electrical stuff, but there is one problem left: My Design builds on the use of only one Speaker, thus elimanting the need for a stereo setup.

But I wasn't able to find any good BT mono receivers that would arrive in time since I need this Speaker to be done by November 20th.

So I ordered this CSR8645 Receiver with onboard Amplifiers
(CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Board 5W+5W APT-X Hifi Stereo Receiver Module - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Robote, Motor etc. beim Eckstein Komponente, 13,95 €)

I read in the datasheet of the CSR8645 that it can be turned into mono mode, converting both stereo channels into mono channels.

But nowhere on the internet is it explained how to archive this.

So I hope someone here would be able to help me with this. First glance into the PSTool Sofware and the CSR ROOM config tool showed nothing that would set this. Or did I just overlooked the right option?

My alternative solution is based upon regular Stereo to Mono conversion:
Since the ... amp? of the CSR8645 chip itself is a Class AB amp (according to the datasheet which is a bit strange, since it gives no Wattage or any infos about the actual output of the CSR itself whatsoever), combining its outputs before they go into the auxillary class D amp should result in a mono signal which I could then lead into one of the class D amps on the backside.

Of course with resistors on both L+ and R+ when joining together(except L- and R-), and the needed capacitor and resistor which I will desolder to break the original contact between the csr chip and aux. amp.
Is this a considerable alternative?
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