CSH-horn design/build instructions

As there has been some interest in the CSH, cat supervised horn i´m starting an instruction thread covering, primarily, the how to, and a little bit of the design aspects. Will post drawings for 1 and 1,4" throats, tell me if You want 2" also. Anyone can build theese and with just a little patience You end up with a piece of art plus an imense audio satisfaction. Will start with the horn, cat last, please note: will work absolutely satisfactory without the cat, but as always, the final touch makes the masterpice.


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So, CSH, a traditional exponential horn, built from plywood and veneer. Top and bottom of horn is sawed out from 10mm ply, breferably birch, don´t worry, mm precision not neccessary. Important to get pieces identical, after sawing clamp them together and sand them smooth and same shape. Sidewalls built up from 1mm veneer, ash is good but brittle, oak works allright, birch strong but prone to "bulging" leaving airpockets, Pine verry good. Now patience becommes a virtue, building the sidewalls takes time and the better Your precision here the easier the finishing work.