2015-12-04 3:25 am
I just bought a set of Pioneer CS99AA speakers on craigslist...
back in the day I had bought a new set of CS99A..s

I know they are not a top notch speaker but I thought the price was right and these look almost perfect....and I had already knew that those foam surrounds dont last..

OK.. Just some info here.. and I would like to know if anyone
has ever heard both ..?? its been so long ago... but I think they sound
somewhat close... but just a thought that the 3 way should sound cleaner..

The only comparison I had is a set of Altec 19s.. and thats not much of a
contest....The Altec's was the winner hands down...
but the Pioneer CS99AA speakers in the midrange and the high end were
really good coming from those small cabinets...but I have a nad power amp and a carver preamp to drive them..where the Pioneers fail is the bottom end..the bass is ok... its not awefull..but I have to say it like this..
I dont wana be unfair to the pioneers but I had compared them to the altecs and after listening to the altec's for weeks.. the pioneers were muddy in the bass..and they had no real bottom end... although just to listen to them alone they were acceptable..( the altec's have clean clear well defined Bass)

OK... My question is.. I need the foam for the tweeters??
They are just starting to show cracking..
They have a place I seen online I can send them... but the replacement
foam is not correct..( a joke) not even close... it has flat foam on the pioneer tweeters..I can refoam them myself.. does anyone know where to get foam... I can even cut it to fit..I want to keep the speakers like they should look....

for all you that have not heard a set of CS99AA pioneer speakers.
The midrange and high end is pretty darn good for a 1980 speaker...
I never remembered the CS99A sounding that open... but maybe it did.????