cs8414 questions

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I am building a non os dac using cs8414 and pcm56. I was wondering if there are any other readily available IC's that do the job of the cs8414? Especially if they are dip. this is my first attempt at DIY DAC so any help is appreciated. I am really trying to do this design from scratch and I am learning all I can. Sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and could not find an answer.
There's that guy Tomas (Thomas?).. He sells CS8412 (and parallel TDA1541 DAC). I got 4 CS8412 from him.

I got some CS8412 from 3CAsia (I think!) - payed a lot!

They are all from different batch, but sound the same.

Unfortunately, my local supplier of TDA1541A (WES Electronics - Sydney) has run out of stock - no more TDA1541A. Shame, the price was very good!

BeerCan said:

Yup. It is essentially the same as the Aries, though the brown dog has the second set of pads on the underside.

BeerCan said:
So any hints on the best way to solder these tiny chips onto the adapters?

This chip is pretty easy to solder. With a small tip, you can solder each pin independently. There are other methods as well -- here are some tips. http://www.infidigm.net/articles/solder/
Are you having trouble finding a CS8414? Because I am!
Well, I suppose I haven't emailed Cirrus Logic for help, but I couldn't find one outside of those member only distributors of large quanities, one of which I found a company in China to sell me 2, sent the man a wire transfer, bank to bank only, of $80 ($100 total!), only to have him never to send the parts and change his email to steal the money.

But of course I'm pretty new to the DIY thing and am continually learning by mistake.

And why are most all those distributors only willing to sell by wire transfer?

Who is this Thomas? I still don't have one.

There is the newer CS8416..
Hey thanks! I just ordered one from newark.
I actually had tried them a few months ago, as directed by the Cirrus Logic webpage, but there were none in stock.
Sorry DonJuan.. I know nothing about you, and I don't mean to offend you, but you seem more like the Chinaman thief than the more sterile Newark. Your name doesn't help matters much either :whazzat:
... :)
please don't take offence.

I already have a BrownDog adapter.
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