I Know, I know - lots of threads about these chinese dac boards...

But.. I have searched for my answer... I want to know if my board does upsampling to any given sample rates?

I have heard that upsampling is better than standard operation on this chip, I have seen boards similar to mine that seem to have a plug in module that provides the upsampling? Can I simply add one of these?

Really I would like to know if I can improve upon what I beleive is already an amazing DAC. I feed it from a hackintosh (Mac) via coax and use VLC. All my music is Flac but it has a mixture of sample rates - (some 16bit 44.1Khz, some 24bit 96Khz)

Should I bother investigating the upsampling or can anyone recommend any other mods - should I improve power supply?

Posted a couple of pics to help, please don't shoot at me for savaging a lovely piece of vintage gear - the radio was broken to me and at least i slavaged the case!!



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