crystal frequency question

While tweaking my AMC CD-8B analog output stage I began looking into improving the clock. This unit uses a single PCM1716 dac. The TI spec-sheet specifies a 16.340MHz clock, but the crystal in the unit is the more common 16.344Mhz. Is this a problem and should I try to find a 16.340MHz XO?
16.344Mhz is more easily available, is this perhaps why AMC used this crystal? I realize the %difference is miniscule, but thought I should check before ordering a new XO. Any advice is appreciated.

-Thank you.
In earlier CD players, some manufacturers used a crystal running at a slightly faster frequency than required. I recently upgraded my CD player, an eleven year old Carver, with the LClock XO2 from LC Audio. The crystal in my CDP was running at 8.6432 MHz, and LC only had a frequency of 8.4672 MHz available. Lars told me that some manufacturers used a faster clock speed to make the sound seem lighter or more lively, but this practice has been largely discontinued. This just goes to show how the clock speed does not have to be exact. Get the common frequency, for you it would be 16.9344 MHz. It's hard to tell what a manufacturer will do to cover up a mistake in design.