Crown K series 8200uf 110v capacitor substitute or source

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Hello all, I have several Crown K1 and K2 amps needing the 8200uf 110v capacitors in the output modules replaced. I am looking for a less expensive alternative than Crown factory parts. I see a 10,000uf 125v Chinese capacitor on ebay for about $9.00 but am very hesitant about performance and longevity. Does anyone have thoughts and maybe a good substitute? Thank you.
81 negativ :mad:

And I'm afraid Ebay seller janeh2100 is the same. I bought from that shop some 10000 µF 100V capacitors and here also, if the price is too good to be true... Unfortunately I noticed it far too late so I can't make any claim.

You must now assume that all electrolytics, besides very few, on e-Bay are fakes.

For interest I asked about this NCC "Super-ellyt" 10000Uf 100V in a 35x51mm can from janeh2100 !!! :rolleyes:

I asked how it could be possible:

I can not find this size for 10000uF/100V in the NCC KMH catalog.
How come you can have it?

and they answered:

we only have 10000uF/100V KMH ,without NCC,hoipe you can understand and make sure before purchase.
best regards

This make me lose all confident in the Chinese e-Bay sellers.
Some possible options found

I found two options I believe will work.

1: Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) part number 382LX822M200B092VS which is an 8200uf 200 volt snap in capacitor (snap cap), 85 degree, $24.50 each so pretty good price.

2: Cornell Dubilier Electronics (CDE) part number 383LX822M200B102VS which is also an 8200uf 200 volt snap in but a little better 105 degree, $27.88 each so still not too bad price.
Crown part D 8917-3 now NLA (discontinued). Now must find decent substitute!

Did you manage to find that substitute?

I'm currently facing the exact same problem and haven't yet been able to find a capacitor that matches both electrically and mechanically.

Just for reference:
The manufacturer's part number is 3487DH822M110UF
The known electrical data is 8200 µF / 110 V
The maximum dimensions are 35 mm diameter and about 80 mm height (a little more would still fit, I guess).

Many thanks in advance
Anyone? Had any good fortune locating replacement caps for these beasts? I have only gone so far as to having the rear panel which houses the input and main PCBs removed from unit. Further tear down will be required to get to the output boards which have the main filter caps in question. So are these snap-in type or screw terminal type? Has anyone had their K2s torn down far enough to get access to the caps?
Broken solder joints on the main filter caps? JEESH! Nothing to help mechanically to hold those in place? That is an oversight on Crown's part IMHO. Those babies should have a cradle between them and the heatsink to help deal with mechanical stress. I am going to retrofit my newly acquired used K2s.
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