Hello to all!

i was just wondering if anyone out there knows the correct formula for a 2nd order linkwitz crossover network. If you could please check my calculation and tell me if its correct -

Crossing over at 6000hz with a 12db/octave crossover.
Formulas used:

L = (Resistance) \ (2)*{pi)*(Crossover Frequency)
so my calculation is:
L = 8 \(2)*(pi)*(6000) = 3.315*10^-6 (IE:0.31mH)

C = 1 \ (2)*(pi)*(Crossover Frequency)*(Resistance)
so my calculation is:
C = 1 \(2)*(pi)*(6000)*(8) = 2.122*10^-4 (IE:2.12uF)

Are these correct? I know there are hundreds of calculators online, but im mind boggled becuase they all give me different results! Is this what u would use?


2001-02-01 2:43 am

I found .42mH and 1.7uF according a table on Weems book and your calculation seems to me being a first order for high and low drivers.

Vance Dickason's book has the following equations:

C=.0796/(R*f) L=.3183*R/f

Wich agree with Weems' book.