Crossovers and double input speaker drivers

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Hello everyone,

I am working on single cabinet, 2x3 ways speaker for my home and would need to know where it is possible to order speaker drivers with double input (taking left and right in but just 1 speaker driver) and would need also some feedback on some good pre-made crossover boards - 3 ways as well - the cabinet will be made of wood (birch or maple depending on the "model"), and it will be hooked to a 2x50w class D TDA chip amplifier - I am facing the strangest problem, finding an online supplier for drivers (quality ones) - there is nobody around me (unless some boy in green feels like being nice and knows where in Cork we can find such a shop... because so luck - 2 months searching) and only way is driving about 3h30 making it a 7h drive on terrible roads just to get a couple of quality drivers... costs involved are a big nope!
I tried the shops advertised here and apexjr would be too much on delivery costs, i also checked all but either transports kills the price either delivery will be taking jah knows how long! So if anyone knows a thread a website or even a back shop on tattooine that are also still up and running lets make this thread a 2016 list of speakers and xovers available on the market.
I am feeling schyzo.... answering my own thread... anyways - I found some sites, not yet the golden egg but getting there:

Simply Speakers - Official Speaker Repair Page - Speaker Parts and Repair Service

this below is great for all UK/IE people, small transport fee compared to US sites and good options - really sound lads at the sales team, not pushy nor ignorant!

Disco Speakers, DJ Speakers, Disco Lights, PA Speakers & DJ Equipment

this was already on here Im pretty sure but I drop it again - just to refresh

they have a very wide variety and prices are great... if you dont need delivery outside of US of course, otherwise your package will cost you more than your speakers

the next oen is a bit dearer than the otehrs but again is UK based so delivery is fair enough and time delivery is fast
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.