Crossover question, real newbie


I just finished a second amp (originaly intended for bi-amping) but I realised that there woulden't really be any effect in the bi-amping if both amps still amplified all frequencies, wouldn't it?

I'm wondering if it's possible to use the filters in my three-way speakers to filters the signal coming to the amps, as a bi-amping application.

I know it's a real newbie question but I thought you'd be the right guys to ask. Any answers are very welcome.

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To biamp, you'll need to arrange some form of crossover ahead of the amplifiers and deliver the output of the amps directly to the drivers. It's not that difficult to do if all you want is a 6 dB/oct slope, but matters become more interesting as you progess to steeper slopes.
If you're building amps completely from scratch, there's always the option of tailoring the frequency response of the amp itself, but it's a bear to change frequencies later if you have to take the amp apart to get to the caps.