Crossover qns


2001-12-18 4:48 pm
i had some qns regarding crossover design for speakers

i understand there are 1st,2nd,3rd...etc order of crossover design and active crossover.. i am abit puzzled
what makes a good crossover?

and hopefully, for my upcoming DIY project, i hope to build a speaker with tight bass and good imaging.
Can anyone recommend me any projects to refer to? and not forgetting the crossover designs as well.

Thanks in advance.

btw, my first post here. HELLO EVERYONE!


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2001-12-12 8:47 am

There is no 'best' crossover order to choose, etc. Many times, the simple goal to get the flattest possible response is not even practical. The only real goal is to get a 'reasonably' flat response that allows the driver combination to reproduce music as realistly percieved as is possible. This is very subjective and will vary from designer to designer. You will have to decide these things for yourself. It would be best to first start out by getting a good reference book. Most people, as well as myself will recommend Loudspeaker Cookbook by Vance Dickenson as an excellent reference. It's the best $35 you'll spend.

There are tons of other books avaialble that are very specific to crossover design, cabinet design etc., but you can get most of that information from off of the internet if you search hard and long enough. But, the book listed above I will consider to be 'minimum required' reading if your serious about the hobby.

You will definately want the freeware program Speaker Workshop:

This is a commercial strength product that for some reason is still produced and even supported by the author for free, but I know he could get a pretty penny for it now if he wanted.

I also recommend the DIY forum and DIY forum if you have specific questions that you need answered.