Crossover issue with my great 3 way DIY loudspeakers!

Hello everybody,

I need serious help as I bought a great pair of DIY loudspeakers.
Here are the pictures of the components and of the crossover:
DIY Loudspeakers Ben - Google Photos

Here is the measurment of the loudspeakers response :
Mesures.pptx - Google Drive

I have a small issue that doesn't help to listen in great condition : my medium and tweeter tend to the high frequencies.. The tonality is going a little bit too much on the high side rather than neutral.

Could you help me to modify the crossover in order to get the best out of my loudspeakers?

Many thanks in advance,


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
Looks like a rising frequency response. Many speakers are designed that way to give instant listener (showroom) appeal, but it s something that the ear may tire of in the longer term.

A crossover schematic would be of assistance, but a simple solution is to put a resistor in series with the tweeter. Experiment with ceramic resistors with values in the order of just a few ohms (2.2 ohm would be a reasonable starting point).

P.S. I am in agreement with AllenB's comment which I've just seen!
Hello guys,

Many thanks for your commitment and support!
Finally I have found some help through a friend of mine who built professionnaly loudspeakers (Presentation | Am Audio Design | Equipements hifi a tubes et transistors). He asked me to get new measures from the speakers.

I'll let you know the end of this story or the evolution.
Many thanks again for your kind support! :)



2019-01-16 12:22 am
Yes sounds really like an ad...
the box is pretty, though the mid and bass are just screwed outside ! Crossover is a pitty to look at because the inductors ! And first graph is showing a bad room integration and a satelised treble... Or maybe the mic ?

Problems often with Davis drivers is the lack of datasheets to help and have an idea ... Treble unit looks like from a famous North European brand...