Crossover Info request for a Passive OB with Beyma CP21F, Beyma TPL150H, 12P80ND

I am on course to produce my first Passive OB.
A friend is picking up the drivers in the Thread Title today.
I am still interested in a option for the Bass offered in a earlier threads reply.
Which is to produce a Bookshelf Bass Panel with my four very cheaply purchased Eminence Beta 15's.
This will be a later part of the OB's development.

To get me up and running, and as I am a individual who is not with any useful understanding of electronics, I am looking to offer to a friend who is kindly offering their time to help with the production of a crossover, a starting point with a Crossover to work with the recent purchase of used CP21F, TPL150H and 12P80ND drivers.
The CP21F, is being supplied with a 1st Order Xover, which the vendor claims to have quality components.

Is there anybody who could kindly make known a Xover Schematic,
that I can offer to my friend, that will allow for the three drivers to be used, and get the feel for them working in the intended room they will be used in.
As stated the bass can be brought into the equations at a later date.
A loudspeaker crossover is designed using the frequency, phase and impedance responses of the drive units in the enclosure (or on the baffle) in which they are used, so realistically, you can't get 'the crossover' without those.

I suggest you have a look here. Learning a little is part & parcel of speaker design & part of the fun of it. It does require some effort on the part of the reader (namely picking up a calculator, pencil, and paper) but not a great deal. Introduction to designing crossovers without measurement This assumes a 2-way but can be extended into a 3 way. As I recall though, you would prefer a single component per element filter. That being the case, I suggest you use a series filter (it's a different way of wiring) as they are less vulnerable to impedance variations in the drive unit. This site isn't ideal, but it will give an idea: More on the Series Crossover