Crossover help needed


2006-10-27 2:58 pm
I need a little help to design a crossover for my little boombox project.

Here are is the tweeter and mid I have ?
1'' Mylar Dome Tweeter
MCM Part #: 53-835
•Frequency response: 2.7KHz~40KHz
•Nominal impedance: 8ohm
•Sensitivity: 91dB (W/M)
•Power capacity: 10W/30W RMS/peak (with proper crossover)
•Magnet: Neodymium
•Faceplate diameter: 3.39"
•Required cutout: 1.97"
•Mounting depth: 0.92"

MCM Part #: 55-1475

Treated Paper Cone Woofers,
Speaker Size: 8 ,
Surround Material: Rubber, P
ower Handling: 50 W RMS/80 W Peak,
Voice Coil Diameter: 1.25 ,
Impedance: 8 ohm,
Frequency Response: 28~5 KHz,
Magnet Weight: 18 oz,
SPL: 91 dB,
Fs: 36 Hz,
Qts: 0.45

My amp can support a 2ohm or 4 ohm load without any problem. Can someone help me a little with this crossover design. I usually take projects with documentation but it's the first time I go with a self-designed project.

Hi Max,

OK, where to start? A little help with the XO is what you get from a n XO calculator. As far as designing it, you have to have some measuring equipment unless you plan to just wing it. It's not as straightforward as getting some caps and coils and having a go at it.

Firstly the woofer seems to be an 8" and the tweeter only comes down to 2.7Khz. It doesn't give the Fs of the tweeter but it sounds like it might be up there and you really don't want to cross over your tweeter less than 2X of the Fs. I have a feeling this combo might not be the best as the woofer will have cone break-up and beaming by that point.

You say this is a boombox. As in a portable unit?

How critical is the sound?


2006-10-27 2:58 pm
Sound is not that much critical. I was looking for something on the cheap. I want to keep a 2-way design for cost and space reasons.

I might look at a standard 2-way bookshelf and just put them in the same enclosure.

Being from Canada, I need to buy from a company that ships here on the cheap. For my 2 mids and 2 tweeters, I have a budget of roughly $70 total.