Crossover Frequency Question

Hi, i was wondering what kind of 3 way crossover i should get for these speakers (was thinking about one of the dayton ones on parts express):

woofer -

mid -

tweeter -

Should i get the 375/3000 hz, the 500/4000hz, the 625/5000hz, or the 700/5600 hz one. I dont understand how i choose the frequencies of the crossover. I tried searching the forums for an answer but couldnt really find anything.
Generally for the easiest integration, choose your crossover frequency in the middle of a smooth overlap area.

Stock crossovers are not likely to work well with those drivers. The midrange has significantly lower sensitivity than the woofer. This is fine if you include baffle step compensation, which reduces the apparent sensitivity of the woofer. Unfortunately, standard XO's rarely include it. You will also need to pad down the tweeter to match the midrange sensitivity.

It sounds like this may be your first project. I suggest sticking with an established design, with a crossover specifically designed for your drivers and cabinet.
Look for smooth response at least an octave on either side of the proposed XO freq to give textbook crossovers the best chance of sounding decent. For example, if you are shooting for a 300 Hz XO, your woofer should have smooth response to at least 600 Hz and the mid should go down below 150. You can also use a driver's natural roll off to form part or all of teh xo slope. either way your results will be best if you measure your drivers in your cabinets and design a crossover for that use.

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