crossover design

Can someone help me with a design for a crossover for my sealed MTM. I am a novice speaker builder who has gone through an entire roll of solder to try and find the right combination using standard crossover formula’s (don’t have any measuring equipment and no LEAP like software). The units I am using are Vifa’s TCWG49-08 (Qms:2.62, Qes:0.58, Qts:0.47) and Audax TM 025 F1. The net voulme of my box is about 1.7cft.

After several frustrating attempts at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th order filters I am currently running a 4th order at about 2000hz which has given me the cleanest sound so far. I'd appreciate any help to improve the crossover.

Dear Keroo:

The most difficult part in designing loudspeaker systems is just the xover. I worked them by trial and test, changing a component while remaining constant the others, and ploting the frequency response. Doing this one and many times, we approched little by a little to the desired pass (hi, lo or pass).

Yo don´t only need the analyzer but an anechoic chamber too and this is too much expensive.

I am thinking to make one based on the "poorman" phylosophy, above the roof of my home, having at the back of the SUT (system under test) just the sky (and the angels with their good willing).

I recommend to you to look for one xover developed and tested by others and a lot of listening tests.

Have a nice day.

Kind regards,