Crossover component selection for Zaph Waveguide TMM

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I'm working on a pair of Zaph Waveguide TMMs with the Perfectionist crossover and would love some advice and feedback on component selection.

Perfectionist crossover diagram:



For the 3.9uF series tweeter capacitor I'm debating between a Rike Audio S-Cap and a Mundorf Supreme. Any thoughts between these two, or others to look at within that price range?

I'm leaning towards Jantzen Superior Z-caps for the filter caps, but these may be overkill given they're in parallel notch and low pass filters. Are there other capacitors I should be looking at for these spots?

Depending on the brand, C6 will likely need to be two capacitors in parallel. Do the values make any difference as long as they add up to 16uF? The likely candidates are a 15uF and 1uF in parallel.


L1 will be a Mundorf BL100 air core unwound to 0.7mH and 0.41 ohms.

For L4 I'm trying to decide between either a 15 or 13 AWG Jantzen Air Core or a Jantzen Wax Coil. Again, since this coil is part of the parallel notch filter, I'm not sure if it makes sense to go with a wax foil inductor. Does anyone have opinions on air core vs foil here?

If I do go with air core, I'll need to decided between 15 or 13 AWG. The 15 AWG coil is slightly cheaper and will require two resistors in series to get to exactly 7.0 ohms for R5. The 13 AWG coil would have either two resistors in parallel for 7.007 ohms, or two resistors in series for 6.998 ohms.

Could one route be considered a better implementation than the other?

Finally, I'll probably go with a Mundorf BS140 stack-core for the 4.0mH L10. I also looked at the BT140 transformer-core, but at over 2x the price ($37 vs $80), I'm not sure that makes much sense. This coil will almost assuredly be cored given the low DCR required, but are there any other options I should look at?


I'll use either Mundorf M-Resist Supreme or Jantzen Superes resistors for R5 and R7. Are there any real differences between the two, or is it mostly "use whatever gets you the correct value"?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.