Crossover assistance, please..

Hi, thanks in advance for any and all responses...I'm just looking to create a semi-nice pair for a tiny room.

I've got a set of BG Neo3pdr ribbons and a pair of Peerless 830875 Nomex woofers and wanted to set them working together.

Bohlender Graebener Neo3-PDRW Planar Tweeter w/Back Cup |

Peerless 830875 6-1/2" Nomex Cone HDS Woofer |

I'm thinking of using 15uF caps on the tweeters (4 ohms) to control the bump below 5K; the red line is the hoped-for result:

NEO3PDR FR Mod | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I'm looking at a 3rd-order crossover of 2.5KHz for the woofer, as it is up 2dB at 2K, and because the tweeter rolls off so deeply as-is.

Woofer Xover FR crop | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

What I'm asking after is, not ever having had any actual experience in working with crossovers, will I end up with a more-or-less flat(-ish) response or will I get a bit of a bump at 2-3K? And is there anything you'd advise doing differently, such as a 2nd-order for the woofer instead, or going with a slightly higher overall frequency center.

I should have taken a bit more time shopping in this price range; the BG ribbon is, at least regarding FR specs, slightly bettered by the Fountek Neo 1, which is flatter to 20KHz.

Regards! I'll be hooking these up to my recently-built 3886 chipamp, etc.
Okay, thanks for reinforcing my intuition on that (and yes, the GB datasheet mention the need for a 2nd-order xover). Yep, don't want to pop the ribbon. So probably 12dB for both drivers?

BTW, until recently I spent my time listening on ADAM S4C monitors with the wonderful AMTs, which are now in a 2nd-generation. They're marvelous if anyone is curious.
Since it will be playing in a little room with reasonably low levels ,and you're a first timer (like me !) ,you can even try a first order for the woofer ,just to eliminate the first break-ups in the mid freq region . Response of the woofer (in box volume ,also) will be second order ,however .