Crest Audio Schematics Needed and more?

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Need to get schematics for a Crest Audio CA6.

Generally speaking I just started working as the technician for a backline company and unfortunately the previous guy kept no record or just took the schematics for his own use at home thus I'm a little "desperate" so any help on links and other sites where I can find and download schematics for free would be extremely helpful...

They have a lot of equipment here from old vintage Hammond & Orange amplifiers to some new Kurzweill stuff and more...Dunno where to start...

Thanx for all your help... First time here for me!
Re: crest schematic

Enzo said:
Your first line of defense is the manufacturer. Contact Crest Audio and request service literature for the unit. That is what I do when I service their products.

Do you mean Crest audio only or all manufacturers worldwide?

teemce said:
I sent email for you with schematic's url .;)

Thank you TMC I will check it out right away!

Thank you both!!!
i gather you are repairing pro-audio equipment. your best way to start is to contact manufacturers. for the most part they will either have schematics online, or will email them to you. you may have a problem with Loud Technology (Ampeg/SLM/Mackie/Crate) since they don't authorize service centers anymore. they do have CD-ROMs available with schematics, but i don't know their new policy on selling/providing these. Fender has a tech test if you want to do their warranty service, but they're easy to work with even if you're not "factory authorized". Peavey and QSC are also very easy to work with. when in doubt, email the tech/repair department or the service manager at the company. i don't see many Crest amps, and usually when i do they are pretty well "nuked"....... sound crews and DJ's aren't always kind to their equipment........
Pls. Help

Hello Thanks for continuously giving me solutions with my crest ca6 however im having trouble with the link above because it only had schematics. Can you also show me a link in the web were one could have a service manual or a repair manual which could help me in repairing my amplifier
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.