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I am desperately in need of some help creating a SPICE model for a power MOSFET, I have tried using a demo version of SPICE MOD but it's far too limiting and I cannot afford the full version.

can anyone tell me where to find the information or how to model a device from a data sheet, I haven't managed to source any info so far.

Please help, I'm going mad here. I'm reasonably new to spice but I know whats going on and I have a basic grounding in Electronics theory.

The MOSFET is a zetex power mosfet, model number ZXMN10A11G

I'm using Smart Spice 1.5.0 at the moment (Full version) it's a nice program and i've got several demos on my machine but I like Smartspice.

The ICAP4 program spice mod is the type of thing I'm after or a list of equations and info that'll let me work something out from a data sheet( I'd prefer that - i'm crazy)

Any suggestions or info would be great.


Moset models

Send an email to Zetex and see if they have a Spice model. It is a new device and I couldn't find it in published models on thier site. Also ask them how close it is to IRLL110 since they list it as equivelent.

If that doesn't work, compare data sheet with IRLL110 and tweak its Spice model to be closer to Zetex part.

I hope this hasn't made you even Grumpier.......

I know for a fact that they don't currently support this with a spice file. I'll have a go at tweaking when I get home later, Cheers.

Just for the intellectual exercise, do you know of any resources for how to create spice subcircuits etc..?

Cheers for everything.


(just that little bit happier!)
I am also looking for ways to create models for various transistors and fets.
So far I have found a few references to a program called MODPEX. This program should allow you to create a model using a standard datasheet. I am sorry to say I do not have this program.
Have a look at:

I do have a program called MODELMAKER that came with a demo for a CAD package called ultiboard v5.62. I am still figuring out how to use it.

There is a new version of this program, I found in a demo for Electronic Workbench 2001. This version only allows the creation of models for diodes.

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