Could I get custom drivers made by anyone?

Lots of companies will make custom drivers (almost every company that supplies raw drivers to the diy market, for example), but to get them interested you have to purchase a large volume. Alternatively you could offer to pay for any engineering time and tooling required, but just for example if you wanted a custom cone made, the tooling for that could be $1k or so. When you make 100,000 copies of the speaker using it, it costs a miniscule amount even if you need to make several iterations of the tool, but for just a few parts, obviously it would be pricey.


2007-11-14 6:02 am
Peerless vline BC14WG79-08 5-1/4" Woofer |

Venting under the spider, poly frame to experiment with, mounting ring allows for no messing around with flushing them in.

Dayton PA130-8 5" Full Range PA Driver |

My personal favorite to butcher for fun, but it gives up good looks and deeper bass to the Peerless. I've gone mad scientist on both to varying degrees of success. Add in any old cheap tweeter; they can both cross pretty high. Around $30 a pair is the price for admission. I can nearly guarantee that you won't have to throw them out if you pull the wrong string while experimenting...