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Cornscala Floor Standing Speakers For Sale, $1,200

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Sold: Cornscala Floor Standing Speakers For Sale

A pair of custom built 2013 Cornscala audiophile speakers designed by Bob Crites. Has bass driver characteristics of the Klipsch Cornwall speakers with midrange and tweeter characteristics of the Klipsch La Scala speakers. For more information, please see: Cornscala? | Critesspeakers.com.

Components: Tweeter – Selenium/JBL D220TI titanium driver with the Selenium/JBL HM11-25 horn, Midrange – Selenium/JBL D405 (weighs almost 20 pounds) phenolic 4” voice coil driver with a M2380 horn, Woofer - 15-inch CW1526C cast frame, replica of the Klipsch K-33 used in the Cornwall, Crossover – CSS 500/5000 by Bob Crites.

Enclosure: Heavily braced, hand crafted ¾ inch oak plywood cabinets with solid oak molding, oil and satin polyurethane finish, and framed grille. 41.25x23.75x15 inches. Weight is about 150 pounds each.

Performance: Incredible sound with clean, articulate mids and highs plus powerful, low end bass. Very efficient at about 100 db/watt/meter. Capable of 119 db maximum sound output level.

Why Selling: Recently retired and downsizing. These home entertainment speakers will not fit in our small living room. Over $1,600 invested in parts alone, plus extensive labor. Unfinished versions go for as much as $1,838, plus shipping.

How Much: Asking $1,200 for the pair or best reasonable offer.

Shipping: Will provide free delivery to most of Northern California, but would prefer not to ship these speakers. For other destinations, buyer must arrange for pickup in the Marysville, California area. Due to the size and weight, am reluctant to ship unless buyer pays full cost, including packaging and insurance.
Will accept Paypal, cash, as well as cashier's check or U.S. Postal Money Order upon clearance.

Will consider selling individual components of my Cornscalas, but would prefer to see if all the components will sell together as a synergistic system. If you have a need to purchase the individual components or speaker enclosures separately, please send me a request and what you are willing to pay for the item you wish to purchase.

Please send me an email if interested at rthelman@sbcglobal.net. Thank you for your consideration.



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