corner enclosures

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what do you have to take into consideration when designing one?

i have been reading an old and not particularly accurate book ("1st Book of Hi-Fi Loudspeaker Enclosures" by B.B.Babani from 1974 :D )
and they have a few old school designs.

could i make a large aperiodic style corner cabinet (roughly 130 liters) for it like the one pictured, made of a top, bottom and a baffle, with holes down the side which meet the walls, then those holes covered in a thick layer of foam.

intended for my Silver Iris 10" Coaxials

just for a bit of fun really, or is it likely to just sound pants?



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Since no one else has added to this I will say that first I am no expert but this is a very experiemntal design with no modeling or measurements from which to evolve.

Eliminating the sealed and ported models does not simply default to what you have come up with - it is really just a guess. It is one of who knows how many possibilities. You would have to measure it after you've built it to have any idea of how, or if, it works.

Not to scold - you said this is a for fun project so perhaps you should go ahead and build it and see what happens. But whatever the end result is you won't be able to compare it to anything. But if you're happy with the sound...
inrank said:
for ease of construction (three panels) and as the Silver Iris coaxials are aroung Qts of 0.65 so would not really work in a ported or sealed enclosure.

its just for a bit of fun really :)


This Qts works well in sealed, TL and aperiodic such as you propose and due to the corner loading, the open cell foam used to damp the two slot vents will determine its gain BW/F3.

FWIW, I'd try ~5.7 ft^3 with the two slot areas totaling ~192.6"^2 and stuff to 'taste'.

Let us know what you think.........

What a coincidence. I just so happen to be looking at my Wharfedale Airedales, and they are neat. However, they are cut off at the rear and do not come to a point, as the drawing. You whould Never bring the back corner to a point, because walls have a nasty habit of not being square, or even. The Airedales are six sided, with the front baffel being the largest, and the two on each side small as they head to the wall.

I can only describe the Airedales, since that is the only corner cabinet I am familiar. The 15" woofer is forward firing, and the 8" mid range and tweater are upward firing. It gives a great deal of depth to the sound, but not sure if multiple mids and tweats would not work better. That way you would get more from the sound with mids and highs firing forward And upwards.
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