Corinthians in underwear !


2005-08-22 5:59 pm
Andy Graddon said:
Don't worry dude, no offense taken at all !! :D

You are obviously new to the forums.. is all good !!

Tools !! Radial arm saw, Plunge router, Air brad gun (highly recommended), belt sander jigsaw, drill.......
thats about it for power tools, basic hand tools.

Andy You just blew my cover :bawling: Yes Im a newbie and this is all new to me .I must have a least 10 pair of speaker around the house (Paradigm,Dalhquist,Jbl ,Energy, Advent,Braun ect ect).I want to try to built some on my own to see if they could be better .Thanks for info on tools.Have most of these ,know its to have a worshop seperated from lawndry room(to mush dust).I have no room to build a garage might have to use a neighbours .Pat.P


diyAudio Chief Moderator
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2002-10-08 11:31 am
Since you mentioned the style...

''The Corinthian style was seldom used in the Greek world, but is often seen in Roman temples. The Corinthian order had elaborate capitals decorated with acanthus leaves and engraved with rosettes. They often had scrolled elements at the corners and a boss, or projecting ornament at the top center of each side. Later adapted by the Romans, the Corinthian Order still symbolizes the most ornate of the orders of classical greek and roman architectural expressions. The oldest known example of the Corinthian order is found in the temple of Apollo at Bassae and its from 420 B.C.. The most notable use of the Corinthian in architecture was the temple of Zeus at Athens which began construction in the 2nd century B.C. and it wasn't until about 400 years later by Emperor Hadrian.''