Copper tip extension for my soldering iron

I'm busy repairing an EMT TSD15 phono cartridge which cannot be taken apart as most of the components are glued with epoxy.

The cartridge coils are OK but it has a collapsed suspension. Desoldering the coil lead out wires to remove the suspension tube presented great risks as soldering space is limited and risky due to the proximity of the magnet which cannot be removed.

I use a locally made soldering station which uses magnetically permeable soldering tips and the risk of breaking coil lead out wires was too high so I made a plan.

I had some thick copper wire and many spare tips for my iron so I shortened one of these tips in my lathe and drilled a 1.5mm hole in the stump. A short length of copper wire was then inserted into the modified tip and crimped in my bench vise.

The business end of the copper wire was then shaped and flattened to make a non-magnetic soldering tip which works perfectly and eliminated the risk of breaking wires.

My pics show the new copper tip and the cartridge under repair. The solder attachment points are in the inside of the two phenolic boards - millimetres away from the magnet.



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