Convex C-MX12P3/5S SubWoofer problem...


2010-09-30 3:50 pm

I have purchased a Sub-woofer(C-MX12P3/5S) recently, from the time of purchase i have noticed some vibration coming when the cone was moved with hands(sound like something rubbing inside) and the retailer told me that the sound was common, i have connected it to a new amplifier (200W RMS), during its operation the sound was not clear, and the amp works perfect with other woofer. Plz give me solution...:(
Sounds like something is mis-aligned whether its the coil/ former,
Top plate/ bottom plate. Try holding one side of the cone still
and then press down on the centre and see if it still rubs, then
repeat around the entire cone until it doesn't make the sound.
That should reveal whether its an internal mechanical fault or
something else like a loose VC wire turn, or it could be some-
thing else entirely..... Anyone else?
I have had units that rubbed when pressed by hand but it usually
only happens when pressed off centre.
By the way that sound is common... With defective units,when the
coil has been driven against the backplate and when the coil has
deformed from heating. Good luck:)
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